Putin’s Ex-Bodyguard Challenges Navalny to a Duel (of a Sort)

MOSCOW — in recent times, the Kremlin has reached deep into its bag of tricks to silence Aleksei A. Navalny, the anti-corruption campaigner along with also also opposition leader. He has been repeatedly jailed, harassed by tax auditors along with also also security agents, attacked with green dye along with also also castigated by the state news media as a traitorous lackey of the West.

yet This particular week, Viktor V. Zolotov, the longtime head of President Vladimir V. Putin’s personal security detail until taking over the Russian National Guard, took things one step further, releasing a video in which he essentially challenged Mr. Navalny to a duel.

The video, laced with prison slang along with also also boorish threats, could have come straight out of “Goodfellas,” or maybe a sendup of a gangster movie.

“I simply challenge you to a fight — inside the ring, on the tatami, whatever, along with also also I promise to make nice, juicy mincemeat out of you in a few minutes,” said the speaker, Viktor V. Zolotov. “I promise you of which before stepping over you along with also also wiping my feet, I will put on a demonstrative show for all the members of the National Guard.”

“No one ever gave you a kick inside the ass, to ensure you could feel of which in your kidney,” Mr. Zolotov said at one point. “at This particular point, you have turned to the right address.”