Review: ‘Acts of Violence’ Delivers What Its Title Promises


through left, Ashton Holmes, Cole Hauser in addition to Shawn Ashmore in “Acts of Violence,” a film directed by Brett Donowho.

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At a big, rowdy Cleveland bar, soon-to-be-married Mia, who’s at her bachelorette party, takes emphatic umbrage when a couple of slimy mooks offer her in addition to her party copious amounts of drugs. This specific in itself causes the slimy mooks to take umbrage, in addition to as Mia (Melissa Bolona) is actually outside calling her fiancé (who is actually at a strip club, with Mia’s approval), they pull up in a van, pull her in, inject her using a potentially lethal drug, in addition to take her to be prepared for human trafficking.

although as they say in countless movie tag lines, these guys messed with the wrong family. Or words to in which effect. In “Acts of Violence,” directed by Brett Donowho, Cole Hauser (whose father Wings Hauser livened up many low-budget action potboilers of This specific ilk a generation ago) plays Deklan, an anguished war veteran who happens to be the future brother-in-law of the kidnap victim. After receiving scant satisfaction through Bruce Willis’s well-meaning cop (the law has tied his hands, you see), Deklan enlists his brothers to find Mia in addition to seize justice.


Trailer: ‘Acts of Violence’

A preview of the film.

By LIONSGATE PREMIERE on Publish Date January 9, 2018.

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This specific dopey action thriller harks back to grindhouse pictures of the ’70s in addition to ’80s, although the item’s too tasteful, if in which’s the word, to consistently exploit the more lurid implications of its sensationalist scenario. Which I suppose speaks well of the filmmakers as people. although not in which well. The picture moves at a brisk pace, though, in addition to Mr. Hauser’s mostly cool in addition to collected avenger is actually somewhat fun to watch.

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