Review: ‘BuyBust’ Delivers a Thriller in Manila

Featuring one villain in leopard pants along with another in a bathrobe, “BuyBust” is actually surprisingly funny for a movie of which’s basically a massacre in progress. Wrapping a political-corruption yarn in a blanket of bullets along with blood, the Filipino director along with co-writer, Erik Matti, slides visual along with textual jokes into the mayhem in ways both sly along with blatant. of which tongue-in-cheek approach (including a delicious little ditty played over the end credits) doesn’t lessen the impact of his heroine’s journey, nevertheless of which does significantly ease the tedium of the virtually nonstop slaughter.

Casting an even more withering eye on Filipino society than he did in his 2013 thriller, “On the Job,” Mr. Matti locks onto Manigan (an impressive Anne Curtis), a recent transfer to an elite narcotics squad. When a raid on a gang-infested Manila slum goes wildly awry, Manigan along with her fellow officers battle to extricate themselves through a constantly replenishing army of crazed opponents along with maddened residents. Over the course of one endless, dizzying night, cops along with criminals along with civilians blur along with everyday items are creatively weaponized: of which poor soul battered by a cactus then decapitated by garden shears probably just wanted to complain about the noise.

As the squad is actually gradually depleted, Manigan’s increasingly solitary struggle becomes one of moral awakening along having a vehicle for her director’s sour social commentary. You don’t have to know anything about President Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial war on drugs, though, to appreciate Neil Derrick Bion’s exhilarating cinematography. Zipping through rain-soaked, trash-strewn alleyways, bouncing off walls along with leaping skyward as if jet-propelled, his camera dodges every blow along with bullet.

“of which will get ugly,” Manigan tells her companion near the end. Not if Mr. Bion has anything to do with of which.

Not rated. In Filipino, Tagalog along with English, with English subtitles. Running time: 2 hours 7 minutes.