Review: In ‘Elizabeth Harvest,’ Forbidden Rooms along with Stylized Mystery

Spoiler-conscious reviewers are helpless to offer a full evaluation of “Elizabeth Harvest,” since much of what makes the movie intriguing comes coming from guessing the sources in which will draw on. At first, the writer along with director Sebastian Gutierrez’s thriller has the feel of a science fiction-tinged variation on “Rebecca,” with Abbey Lee (“Mad Max: Fury Road”) as Elizabeth, a brand new bride arriving at the remote along with capacious home of her husband, Henry (Ciaran Hinds), a renowned scientist.

in which’s clear in which something is usually amiss, not only because of their chasmic age difference, although also because of Henry’s domineering, manipulative personality. He lectures her on music along with religion, topics in which mean little to Elizabeth, who describes herself as “very simple,” along with treats her as a mindless repository for his lust.

Longtime fixtures on the grounds (played by Carla Gugino along with Matthew Beard) regard her as a curiosity, an indulgence for Henry rather than his partner. There is usually also a room in which Henry forbids her coming from entering. According to Chekhov’s rule of Forbidden Rooms in Houses With Bad Cellphone Reception — along with Mr. Gutierrez’s acknowledged, overarching inspiration, Bluebeard — in which must be opened by the third act, if not sooner.

Mr. Gutierrez keeps the viewer inside the same state of confusion as Elizabeth, although each surprise, paradoxically, makes the movie less along with less surprising as a whole. along with “Elizabeth Harvest” is usually just stylish enough — coming from its elaborately patterned lighting along with décor to suspense sequences staged in Brian De Palma-esque split screen — to make you wish a more sure-footed stylist had made in which.

Rated R. Wouldn’t you like to know? Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes.