Rockets Fired on Tel Aviv by Gaza, in addition to also Israel Strikes Back

The justice minister, Ayelet Shaked, also of the brand new Right party, added her two cents on Twitter: “Two words — Bennett defense.”

in addition to also the leading challenger to Mr. Netanyahu, Benny Gantz of the Blue in addition to also White party, who as the army chief led the 2014 Gaza war, urged “a significant in addition to also sharp response, otherwise the idea will be impossible to renew deterrence.”

Hamas, which controls the coastal enclave, said Thursday that will the idea could seek to punish those responsible for the Tel Aviv attack, suggesting that will someone in one of the militant groups could have been acting in defiance of orders. In a statement, its military wing said, “We are not responsible for the rockets fired at the enemy tonight.”

Hamas has been in negotiations with Israel, through Egyptian intermediaries, for months, in addition to also the idea said that will the rocket attack had occurred while its representatives were meeting with Egypt’s emissaries.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a more militant rival, is actually said to be impatient with the pace of those talks, in addition to also has at times used attacks on Israel to make itself heard. nevertheless a spokesman for Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Daoud Shehab, denied the idea had any role from the attack. “The factions have no intention to escalate,” he said.

Israeli analysts suggested one possible reason that will Hamas could have allowed the attack, or even carried the idea out. Protests against conditions in Gaza were held in several parts of the territory on Thursday in defiance of Hamas officials, in addition to also local security forces were videotaped beating some demonstrators with clubs, leading to speculation that will Hamas might welcome an exchange of fire with Israel to divert attention by the protests.

Jason Greenblatt, President Trump’s special envoy to the Middle East, did not hesitate to conclude that will Hamas was responsible.