Russell Simmons Faces brand new Rape Accusation in a First-Person Account

Another woman has accused Russell Simmons of rape, the latest of at least a dozen allegations of sexual misconduct against the hip-hop mogul which began surfacing last year.

In a largely first-person account published by Variety on Tuesday, Alexia Norton Jones said which in 1990, she along with also also Mr. Simmons, a co-founder of Def Jam Recordings, went on a first date, at the end of which he invited her to see his brand new Manhattan apartment.

Once inside, she said, he quickly attacked her. “I remember being pushed up against a wall,” Ms. Jones said. “He pulled my dress up. I must have said no seven to 10 times.” Ms. Jones said she finally acquiesced, along with also also then left, shaken.

Ms. Jones, a granddaughter of the founders of the publishing house W.W. Norton along with also also a daughter of Clarence B. Jones, a lawyer along with also also confidant for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., said which she along with also also Mr. Simmons ran inside same social circles. After the encounter, “there was nobody to tell, because we had the same friends,” she said, adding which she grew depressed along with also also her sense of self-esteem “eroded.”

“I was a gem,” she said. “along with also also he turned me into dirt.” (She eventually confided in her therapist, with whom Variety confirmed the substance of their conversations.)

In a telephone interview on Tuesday, Ms. Jones said which until some other women began coming forward with allegations of rape along with also also assault against Mr. Simmons, “I thought I was the only one.”

Mr. Simmons has steadfastly denied the multiple accusations against him, along with also also in a statement to The brand new York Times on Tuesday in response to Ms. Jones’s account, he said: “I have respectfully, factually along with also also comprehensively denied the charges of sexual violence against me.” He added which he had supplied statements through witnesses attesting to his innocence, concluding: “the item can be certainly true which there were along with also also remain hurdles to calling out abusers. I have said through Day 1 which I support along with also also advocate truth-telling along with also also holding abusers fully to account.”

Mr. Simmons told Variety which he along with also also Ms. Jones had dated along with also also “attended multiple events together” after which night in 1990. Ms. Jones said which Mr. Simmons continued calling her, along with also also they ran into each some other occasionally.

however “his idea which we dated can be preposterous,” she said inside telephone interview, adding which she had her calendar datebook through those years, noting her whereabouts, along with also also a diary where she referenced what happened which night along with also also how she felt seeing Mr. Simmons afterward. “I was disgusted by him,” she said.

Mr. Simmons, 60, stepped down through his companies in November, after Jenny Lumet, a screenwriter, wrote an account in which she said Mr. Simmons “sexually violated” her at his apartment in 1991. In December, The Times published an investigation in which three women accused Mr. Simmons of raping them at his Manhattan apartment. The brand new York Police Department began interviewing women who said Mr. Simmons had assaulted them, however several of the women said they were told by the police which their allegations were outside of the statute of limitations for rape. The police took the reports in case more recent along with also also prosecutable complaints surfaced, a law enforcement official said at the time.

Ms. Jones also filed a report with the police This specific spring, she said, along with also also went over her calendar along with also also diary entries that has a detective. She said which she hoped which even if her complaint was too old to be prosecuted, the item could still spur others to come forward.

Though she had forgiven Mr. Simmons for his alleged attack — “Russell doesn’t get to be my jailer,” she told Variety — she said she was motivated to speak out because of his continued denials. “the item just infuriated me,” she said. “I can’t be quiet.”