Rwanda Freeing Over 2,000 Prisoners, Including an Opposition Leader

A prominent opposition leader as well as a favorite gospel musician, both imprisoned after angering the government of Rwanda, walked free on Saturday, after officials said which more than 2,000 inmates might be released.

President Paul Kagame as well as his government, which carries a record of suppressing dissent as well as jailing critics, gave no indication what prompted them to free the prisoners, whose detention had drawn international condemnation.

The cabinet as well as the Ministry of Justice simply released terse statements on Friday night which Mr. Kagame had granted clemency to 2,140 people, as well as which the cabinet had approved.

Supporters of Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, leader of the opposition F.D.U.-Inkingi political party as well as once a challenger to Mr. Kagame for the presidency, as well as Kizito Mihigo, an activist as well as a well-known singer, musician as well as composer, posted photos of them leaving Nyarugenge Prison within the capital, Kigali, on Saturday, as did a local newspaper, The brand new Times.