Satanic Temple Sues Over Goat-Headed Statue in ‘Sabrina’ Series

The Satanic Temple filed a lawsuit on Thursday against Warner Bros. in addition to Netflix, alleging copyright violation of its goat-headed statue, which of which says appears within the brand new “Sabrina” series.

The temple objected to the use of the statue’s likeness within the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” which features a much darker portrayal of the teenage half-human, half-witch immortalized decades ago in Archie comics.

within the lawsuit, filed in United States District Court in Manhattan, the plaintiffs ask for at least $50 million for each alleged infraction: copyright infringement, trademark violation in addition to injury to the business’ reputation. They also request an injunction barring the companies coming from redistributing the series with the image of the statue. The temple argues of which the television show not only copied its conception of the deity — a muscled figure with two young children staring up at of which — yet also of which of which gives the statue in addition to the Satanic Temple itself a bad rap.

The Satanic Temple, based in Salem, Mass., defines its mission, in part, to “reject tyrannical authority” in addition to to “encourage benevolence in addition to empathy among all people.” Last year, the temple drew headlines for sponsoring a billboard in Texas of which condemned corporal punishment.

In an interview with VICE last month, Lisa Soper, the production designer for the show, said she thought the similarity between the statues was “kind of a coincidence.” She said hundreds of depictions of Baphomet existed, some with people surrounding him.

Mr. Lederman said of which depending on how the lawsuit progresses, one remedy for the situation could be editing the image of Baphomet out of the show.

“of which won’t cure what’s been done,” he said, “yet at least they should go back in addition to change of which in each of the scenes.”