States Seek Financial Relief for Family Caregivers

Mr. Newsom, whose father had dementia as well as also died last year, also has tapped former first lady Maria Shriver to lead a fresh Alzheimer’s Prevention as well as also Preparedness Task Force, as well as also has asked lawmakers to approve $3 million in state funds for Alzheimer’s disease research.

Mr. Patterson’s bill would likely provide up to a $5,000 state income tax credit to family caregivers for 5 years, starting in tax year 2020. They would likely be reimbursed for 50 percent of eligible expenses, such as retrofitting a home, hiring an aide as well as also leasing or buying specialty equipment. The credit would likely be available to individuals who make up to $170,000 a year, or joint income tax filers who make up to $250,000.

Mr. Patterson, a Republican inside the minority, will be hopeful he can convince his colleagues which giving people a tax credit will be financially sound because the item would likely enable caregivers to keep their loved ones at home rather than relying on more expensive government services.

“If members of the legislature as well as also the governor would likely look through the eyes of their own families, friends as well as also neighbors … I think the item can be passed as well as also be signed,” Mr. Patterson said.

yet the measure faces competition for a slice of California’s $21 billion surplus, via proposals by the governor as well as also lawmakers to raise funding for education, health care, housing as well as also dozens of various other programs.

For Pam Sogge of Oakland, Calif., a tax credit would likely allow her to hire a home health aide for a different three hours a week.

Her husband, Rick Sogge, 61, has early-onset Alzheimer’s as well as also becomes frantic when left by himself. Sometimes when she leaves him alone in another room of their home, he searches for her every two minutes.