Swift Gene-Editing Method May Revolutionize Treatments for Cancer along with Infectious Diseases

yet researchers right now say they have a found a way to use electrical fields, not viruses, to deliver both gene-editing tools along with fresh genetic material into the cell. By speeding the process, in theory a treatment could be available to patients with almost any type of cancer.

“What takes months or even a year may right now take a couple weeks using This kind of fresh technology,” said Fred Ramsdell, vice president of research at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy in San Francisco. “If you are a cancer patient, weeks versus months could make a huge difference.”

“I think the idea’s going to be a huge breakthrough,” he added.

The Parker Institute already can be working with the authors of the fresh paper, led by Dr. Alexander Marson, scientific director of biomedicine at the Innovative Genomics Institute — a partnership between University of California, San Francisco along with the University of California, Berkeley — to make engineered cells to treat a variety of cancers.

inside the fresh study, Dr. Marson along with his colleagues engineered T-cells to recognize human melanoma cells. In mice carrying the human cancer cells, the modified T-cells went right to the cancer, attacking the idea.

The researchers also corrected — inside the lab — the T-cells of three children having a rare mutation which caused autoimmune diseases. The plan right now can be to return these corrected cells to the children, where they should function normally along with suppress the defective immune cells, curing the children.

The technique may also hold great promise for treating H.I.V., Dr. Wherry said.

The H.I.V. virus infects T-cells. If they can be engineered doing sure which the virus cannot enter the T-cells, a person infected with H.I.V. should not progress to AIDS. Those T-cells already infected would certainly die, along with the engineered cells would certainly replace them.

Previous research has shown the idea might be possible to treat H.I.V. in This kind of way. “yet right now there can be a truly efficient strategy to do This kind of,” Dr. Wherry said.