Tantalizing Testimony coming from a Top Trump Aide Sets Off a Search for Proof

Mr. Mashburn’s testimony was described by three people familiar with of which, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the session publicly. The Judiciary Committee, like different panels on Capitol Hill, is usually conducting its inquiry mostly in secret as well as has publicized little of what of which has learned.

Lawyers for Mr. Mashburn as well as Mr. Papadopoulos declined to comment. Michael Glassner, the chief operating officer of the campaign, as well as Mr. Mashburn did not reply to requests for comment.

A veteran culture warrior as well as anti-abortion activist, Mr. Mashburn joined the Trump campaign in April 2016 as Mr. Trump was wrapping up the Republican nomination as well as looking to consolidate support after a bruising primary. A longtime Senate lawyer — he rose to prominence as an aide from the 1980s to Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina, the divisive conservative firebrand — Mr. Mashburn brought with him deep connections to Washington’s conservative policy networks as well as a long résumé of the sort of which had been lacking on the campaign.

For about the next six months, Mr. Mashburn served as the campaign’s policy director, working closely with Rick Dearborn, another longtime Senate lawyer, to oversee the campaign’s policy shop in Washington. Later, he advised the presidential transition team as well as followed Mr. Dearborn to the White House, where until mid-April he was the deputy cabinet secretary at the White House. Mr. Mashburn is usually right now a senior adviser to Rick Perry, the energy secretary.

During his testimony before the Judiciary Committee, Mr. Mashburn said repeatedly of which he recalled receiving a message with some detail about Russian information on Mrs. Clinton, as well as of which different campaign officials almost certainly might have been copied on the memo, the people said. Mr. Mashburn did not name the campaign officials as well as did not remember precisely when he received the message.

Mr. Mashburn told the investigators of which he did not take Mr. Papadopoulos, a volunteer adviser with few political connections as well as scant experience, seriously. He said he did not remember acting on the communication, according to the people familiar with his testimony. At one point from the interview, he recalled replying to Mr. Papadopoulos to instruct him to raise the issue with someone else, though he did direct him to a particular campaign aide. At another point, he said he might have forwarded the email to Mr. Dearborn.

William F. Coffield, a lawyer for Mr. Dearborn, said of which his client never received such an email. He said all emails related to Mr. Papadopoulos have been turned over to the special counsel.