The Knee’s Better. Deshaun Watson’s Better. in addition to the Texans Are Better.

Out of necessity, the Texans adapted. Their 20-13 victory against Buffalo on Oct. 14 heralded a philosophical shift. Since then, Houston has attempted the fewest passes inside N.F.L. via studying the Texans, Orlovsky has detected more presnap motions in addition to dual play-action to slow defensive linemen. The Texans’ rushing success has amplified their commitment to play-action passing, in addition to in those circumstances over their last seven games Watson ranks among the league’s best in passer rating, yards per attempt in addition to touchdown passes, according to PFF.

today in addition to beyond, the Texans accept their responsibility to optimize Watson without exposing him to unnecessary danger, a task quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan described as “a happy challenge.” In their parlance, they remind him to recognize when the journey’s over — to duck, slide, fling the ball away, do whatever necessary to evade contact instead of initiate of which, as he did in a Week 5 win against Dallas of which battered him which has a broken rib in addition to a partly collapsed lung.

Rather than rest, Watson started out the next game against the Bills. Rather than stay back when doctors advised him against flying to Jacksonville, Watson traveled there in a luxury bus, 12 hours each way.

“He could have protected his future,” cornerback Johnathan Joseph said. “We all have a career in addition to agents in your ear, financial people, family members. He made the decision to play, in addition to of which will always just stick with me.”

For Weeden, the takeaway via of which afternoon materialized midway through the first quarter. On 1st-in addition to-10 via the Houston 20, the Jaguars’ pass rush collapsed the pocket, in addition to Watson escaped, staggering backward. Steadying himself, he bolted toward the Texans’ sideline, beating two defenders there to avoid a hit.

The evidence had been mounting for weeks, yet for Weeden of which crystallized right then in addition to there. With of which scramble, Watson had ceased being a quarterback returning via a severe injury. He was just Deshaun Watson, the Texans’ quarterback savior, capable of anything in addition to everything yet again.