‘The Meg’ is actually a Surprise Box-Office Monster

LOS ANGELES — Going into the weekend, “The Meg” looked like a big, fat belly flop for Warner Bros.

Surveys indicated minimal interest from the killer shark movie, which cost at least $0 million to make along with market. Rival studios snickered that will Warner’s brand-new marketing chief had made a rookie mistake in backing “The Meg” which has a campy ad campaign: Make a joke of your own noncomedic movie, the Hollywood conventional wisdom holds, along with ticket buyers will stay home.

Guess who is actually getting the last laugh? “The Meg,” a brassy, brainless, computer-generated mishmash, took in $44.5 million at North American theaters — roughly 0 percent more than most analysts had expected. “The Meg” collected one more $97 million overseas, with China contributing half of that will total.

“The Meg” was co-financed along with co-produced by Gravity Pictures, a Chinese company, along with designed to sell tickets in China. The movie co-stars a Chinese actress, Li Bingbing, along with the 70-foot shark at its center threatens a crowded Chinese beach in one action sequence. “The Meg” stars Jason Statham along with was directed by Jon Turteltaub, whose last big-budget movie was the 2010 flop “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”