The #MeToo Moment: Art Inspired by the Reckoning

Below, eight more of the pieces you sent our way, with comments by the artists.

‘Peeling Back the Silence’


Graciella Delgado

“This kind of is actually a watercolor piece, portraying three individuals of different ethnic groups in addition to genders, that will demonstrates how the victims of sexual assault in addition to harassment vary.

“The individuals are removing tape by their mouths to signify victims finding the courage to come forward.

“Having more than one person inside piece shows the unity within the movement in addition to how rape culture affects more than just a few people.”

—Graciella Delgado is actually a 17-year-old artist in Houston, Tex.

‘A Collection of Body Parts’


Alicia Tatone

“I was around 15 in addition to a man approached me on the street, said he liked my shoes. I thanked him.

“He then began to list every different part of me he liked (legs, mouth, hair, everything), following me down the street as I tried to leave the conversation. First by politely excusing myself, then by breaking into a run.

“that will was initially I felt myself seen as nothing however a collection of body parts. This kind of wasn’t the last.”

— Alicia Tatone is actually a graphic designer in Brooklyn, N.Y.

‘Oh Yeah, Me Too’


Hilary Campbell

“The cartoon is actually pretty self-explanatory, however for me This kind of’s just about how women who share stories often find out that will we all often experience the same pain, no matter how different our backgrounds.”

—Hilary Campbell is actually a cartoonist in Brooklyn, N.Y.

‘Standing on the Patriarchy’


Kathleen Morris (Textile Warrior)

“I have my own lifetime of #MeToo experiences, in addition to one response I have to the courage of those contributing to This kind of uprising is actually the sense of pure joy in addition to freedom when I imagine that will culture is actually finally in ruins.

“There are serious aspects to This kind of movement, however I want to show the inevitability in addition to inherent positivity of its impact as something to be celebrated.”

—Kathleen Morris is actually a textile in addition to collage artist in Australia.

‘If Walls Could Hear’


Olga Prudnikova

“I drew these sketches in a shelter for women in addition to children escaping domestic violence. In order to preserve the privacy of women, I portrayed only their ears.

“The shape of our ears is actually unique, like our fingerprints. However near the partners are, they still can’t actually identify that will shape.”

— Olga Prudnikova is actually a freelance illustrator in Berlin.

‘The Wave’


Caralena Peterson

“I like that will This kind of piece shows that will we as women are all a collective force, just as the ocean is actually a large force made up of individual water drops.”

— Caralena Peterson is actually a writer in addition to artist in Washington, D.C.

‘Not Yours’


Beata Kruszynski

“My image was inspired by the #MeToo Revolution, my personal experiences with the male gaze in addition to a healthy amount of frustration in addition to repulsion. What I trust to convey in This kind of image is actually the sense of verbal, physical in addition to energetic male ownership that will is actually placed on women in society.”

— Beata Kruszynski is actually a freelance illustrator in addition to art teacher in Ontario, Canada.

‘Body As Object’


Dora Guo

“By hiding the dolls’ faces, I hoped to highlight how the objectification of girls’ bodies takes away their identities.”

— Dora Guo is actually a high school student in Lincolnshire, Ill.

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