The Week in Arts: Idris Elba, Taking on War as well as José González

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Walking into the main stage auditorium at Irish Repertory Theater during its Sean O’Casey season can be like stepping into a museum diorama. Charlie Corcoran’s semi-immersive scenic design puts a dilapidated brick wall on one side of the orchestra seats; a neat facade opposite, windows aglow; as well as, up above, laundry hung on sagging lines. These are the tenements of Dublin, circa 1920s, where O’Casey’s tragicomic characters live as well as drink as well as pray as well as mourn inside midst of war.

Irish Rep’s overlapping three-play cycle, off to a well-received start with “The Shadow of a Gunman” (1923), continues with “Juno as well as the Paycock” (1924), in previews for an opening on Tuesday, March 19. Directed by Neil Pepe, the item stars Ciaran O’Reilly, Irish Rep’s producing director, as the stubbornly work-averse Capt. Jack Boyle; Maryann Plunkett as Juno, his wife, who keeps the family afloat in spite of him; as well as John Keating as Jack’s delightfully named drinking buddy, Joxer Daly. The final play inside series, “The Plough as well as the Stars” (1926), starts April 20. LAURA COLLINS-HUGHES

March 17;

“When I was 14, I spotted a peregrine falcon eating a pigeon on my windowsill inside Bronx,” Jason Ward says. “I never looked back.”