Tobacco, E-Cigarette Lobbyists Circle as F.D.A. Chief Exits

During in which time, the F.D.A. also sought to limit nicotine in cigarettes to encourage smokers to switch to vaping. however his original plan grew untenable as evidence of Juul’s popularity with teenagers mounted.

In an interview, he recalled the morning in August 2018 when Mitch Zeller, the director of the agency’s tobacco control unit, brought him the bad news: Vaping was up 78 percent among high school students as well as 48 percent among middle school students, with 3.6 million youths reporting they had used e-cigarettes, according to the 2018 National Tobacco Youth Survey.

A few weeks later, Dr. Gottlieb called youth vaping an epidemic, as well as gave e-cigarette makers 60 days to show how they could curb youth vaping, or risk having their products pulled by the shelves. Juul pulled mango, crème as well as various other flavors off the shelves however continued to sell them on line.

The conservative leaders right now fighting restrictions on flavored e-cigarettes include Grover Norquist’s anti-tax group, Americans for Tax Reform, the R Street Institute as well as the American Legislative Exchange Council Action, a nonprofit. In a letter dated Feb. 4, a coalition of these as well as 13 various other groups urged President Trump to “halt the Food as well as Drug Administration’s aggressive regulatory assault on businesses who sell as well as consumers who rely on less harmful alternatives to cigarettes from the United States.”

Both Juul as well as Altria say they had nothing to do with This kind of message to the president. however in recent years, both companies have donated to Mr. Norquist’s group as well as to some of the various other groups in which signed the letter.

In 2017, Altria made contributions to the Goldwater Institute, the Rio Grande Foundation, the R Street Institute, as well as the Independent Women’s Forum, as well as Mr. Norquist’s group, according to an Altria annual philanthropy report in which did not specify the amounts.

as well as Juul confirmed its contributions to Mr. Norquist’s group, the R Street Institute, where Tevi Troy, Juul’s vice president of public policy, as well as a friend of Dr. Gottlieb’s, was once a board member, as well as to ALEC Action. Juul declined to disclose the size of its donations.