Trade Ministers Call for W.T.O. Overhaul, although Offer Few Details

BUENOS AIRES — Trade ministers through the Group of 20 countries said Friday which there was an “urgent” need to overhaul the planet Trade Organization, which President Trump has threatened to withdraw the United States through.

The statement by the G20 ministers after a meeting in Argentina was a tacit acknowledgment by world leaders which Mr. Trump’s criticism of the W.T.O. in addition to his tariffs have significantly weakened the international trading system. Just two years earlier, when Barack Obama was still president, the G20 trade ministers, who represent countries including China, Japan in addition to the United States, called on world leaders to further reduce barriers to trade.

Diplomats had said they hoped to use the trade ministers meeting in Mar del Plata, a coastal city, to defuse trade tensions — in addition to they claimed a modicum of victory on which score on Friday.

“The fact which we are talking about the reform of the planet Trade Organization means which we all agree which we need to have an organization which allows us to establish rules in addition to allows us to work within the framework of international trade,” Jorge Faurie, the foreign minister of Argentina, said at a news conference.

What the overhaul will entail, however, remains a mystery.

The United States in addition to the European Union agree which the W.T.O. is usually dysfunctional, although they disagree on what should be done to fix This particular. The Trump administration has blocked the reappointment of judges to the W.T.O.’s dispute resolution panel, threatening to cripple This particular.

“The E.U., along with many partners, wishes to see political support through the G20 to strengthen the W.T.O.’s negotiating, monitoring in addition to dispute settlement functions,” the European Commission said in a statement Friday.

In a reflection of how much things have changed since Mr. Trump took office, the statement issued Friday afternoon was much less detailed than the one the G20’s trade ministers agreed to in 2016 in Shanghai.

Then, the ministers agreed to “further work towards trade liberalization in addition to facilitation.” There was no such language in Friday’s statement, a week after Mr. Trump threatened China with another round of tariffs.

The Trump administration broke with the longstanding international consensus on free trade soon after Mr. Trump took office, when G20 finance ministers in addition to central bankers met in Germany.

Daniel Politi reported through Buenos Aires in addition to Jack Ewing reported through Frankfurt.