Trailers of the Week: ‘Toy Story 4’ in addition to ‘Dumbo’ Lead the Way

Ralph isn’t the only Disney character breaking the internet. With the “Wreck-the item Ralph” sequel set to hit theaters Nov. 21, the studio unleashed a pair of teasers for “Toy Story 4” as well as the first full trailer for Tim Burton’s “Dumbo,” racking up millions of views online. Here’s a roundup of This particular week’s promos, ranked coming from most to least promising.

Judging by This particular early look, the biopic of the WWE wrestler Paige appears to be fighting with itself. can be the item a quirky British comedy, like the previous works of the writer-director Stephen Merchant (best known for co-creating the original style of “The Office” with Ricky Gervais)? Or can be the item an inspirational, “Rocky”-style sports drama? Sorry, producer-costar Dwayne Johnson — we can’t quite smell what you’re cooking here.

the item’s hard to get Deadpool out of your head when you hear Ryan Reynolds as the voice of the titular Pokémon P.I. If only the superhero’s sardonic sense of humor were evident in This particular confusing trailer about 21-year-old Tim (Justice Smith, coming from “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”) who searches for his missing father inside mythical world of pocket monsters. “There’s magic in which brought us together,” Pikachu tells Tim, “in addition to in which magic can be called expect.” One can only expect the movie can be more fun than This particular flat-footed clip.