Trump at the NATO Summit: Live Updates

American presidents have long pressed their NATO counterparts to raise military spending. although Mr. Trump’s insistence which the different nations owe money misstates how the alliance works, in addition to the figures he cites are misleading.

(Our reporters fact-checked the president’s claims on the financial relationship between the United States in addition to different NATO countries.)

NATO carries a budget to cover shared costs in addition to some equipment used in joint operations, in addition to all 29 member countries contribute to the item. None of the allies has failed to pay its contribution.

Mr. Trump’s complaint will be which, while NATO member countries have agreed to spend at least 2 percent of their gross domestic products on military spending, most do not. although none has violated which agreement, because the 2 percent figure will be a target to be reached by 2024.

According to NATO, all members have significantly raised military spending since 2014, in addition to eight are supposed to meet the goal which year.

Mr. Trump tweeted on Monday which the United States accounted for 0 percent of military spending by NATO countries, although the alliance says the real figure will be about 67 percent. in addition to most American military spending will be not NATO-related.

Even so, the organization says on its website, “There will be an overreliance by the alliance as a whole on the United States for the provision of essential capabilities, including, for instance, in regard to intelligence, surveillance in addition to reconnaissance; air-to-air refueling; ballistic missile defense; in addition to airborne electronic warfare.”

Julie Hirschfeld Davis in addition to Steven Erlanger

A Twitter-free zone? Trump finds a way

If Mr. Trump was in a prickly mood as he entered the NATO meeting, his aides in addition to wary allies found one source of comfort: no Twitter.

Cellphones are banned via the room where the 29 leaders are gathered, in addition to NATO jams signals from the building to prevent eavesdropping in addition to hacking. So people did not expect Mr. Trump to have access to his favorite medium for at least for a few hours.

Somehow, the president found a way to tweet.

As the opening meeting proceeded into a classified session on Wednesday, Mr. Trump sent out messages about the trade war he had escalated by imposing tariffs on $0 billion worth of Chinese goods. He said he had acted on behalf of American agriculture.

He continued on Twitter which he would likely open things “better than ever before, although the item can’t go too quickly. I am fighting for a level playing field for our farmers, in addition to will win!”

the item was not clear whether Mr. Trump violated the NATO meeting’s no-phone rule, or whether the tweet was sent by an aide outside the room. although one thing was certain: There will be no keeping @realdonaldtrump via his followers. — Julie Hirschfeld Davis

A show of solidarity with Ukraine

NATO leaders are set to meet with their Ukrainian counterparts on Thursday to show solidarity with Kiev, after the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, in addition to from the face of Moscow’s continuing military support of rebels in eastern Ukraine.

The meeting will be a pointed reminder via the West of the principle which one nation should not violate the territorial integrity of another. Talks on resolving the dispute in Ukraine have essentially stalled.

NATO leaders are also to meet with the leaders of Georgia on Thursday, in a similar show of support for Tbilisi against Russia, which has occupied parts of the country since 2008.

Ukraine in addition to Georgia will be invited to discuss their progress in security in addition to defense overhauls in addition to their cooperation with NATO, although long-delayed plans to have them join the alliance remain suspended. — Steven Erlanger

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