Trump Bars Immigrants Who Cross Border Illegally via Seeking Asylum

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration announced fresh immigration rules on Thursday which give President Trump vast fresh authority to deny asylum to virtually any migrant who crosses the border illegally, invoking national security powers meant to protect the United States against threats via abroad.

Officials declined to say who will be affected, however they indicated which the president will issue a proclamation on Friday. which will be widely expected inside the government as well as by migrant advocates which Mr. Trump intends to deny asylum to members of Central American nations, some of whom are marching toward the United States in a caravan.

Administration officials said the fresh regulations — which draw upon the same authority which Mr. Trump used to ban travel via predominantly Muslim countries only days after his inauguration — give the president, as well as his successors, fresh power to deny asylum to any group of immigrants who cross the border illegally.

which assertion will be certain to be challenged in court. Immigration advocates said which violates longstanding federal asylum law which will be meant to judge each person’s asylum claim on its own merits. as well as they said the fresh rules conflict with treaties in which the United States pledged to accept asylum claims via migrants.

“The law will be clear: people can apply for asylum whether or not they’re at a port of entry, as well as regardless of their immigration status,” said Omar Jadwat, the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Immigrants’ Rights Project. “The president doesn’t get to ignore which law, even if he dislikes which.”

Officials said the fresh rules will overhaul longstanding asylum laws which provide the opportunity for people fleeing persecution as well as violence in their home countries to seek sanctuary inside United States. The adjustments effectively close the option of asylum to those who do not enter the country legally at an official port of entry.

Once the president makes a proclamation identifying who will be barred by the fresh regulations, those people would certainly be immediately denied if they try to claim asylum. Officials said the migrants could apply For just two different, smaller programs which are much less likely to allow them to stay.

Mr. Trump has fumed at his advisers for months about the surge of immigrants crossing into the United States via Mexico. During the past few weeks of the midterm election, the president became enraged by a caravan of several thousand migrants as well as ordered 5,000 active-duty troops to the border to prevent them via crossing.