Trump Calls Some Unauthorized Immigrants ‘Animals’ in Rant

During the session, Mr. Trump suggested of which the mayor of Oakland, Calif., should be charged with obstruction of justice for warning her constituents in February of an impending large-scale immigration raid along with arrests.

“You talk about obstruction of justice,” said the president, who is actually himself the subject of a special counsel’s investigation into whether he sought to thwart a federal examination of Russia’s meddling from the 2016 elections. “I might recommend of which you look into obstruction of justice for the mayor of Oakland.”

Turning to Jeff Sessions, his attorney general, who sat at the different end of the large wooden conference table, Mr. Trump said: “Perhaps the Department of Justice can look into of which.”

The round table took place exactly one week after Mr. Trump used a closed-door cabinet meeting to castigate Kirstjen Nielsen, the secretary of homeland security, for failing to do enough to crack down at the border. On Wednesday, Ms. Nielsen said little when called upon to speak, different than to thank Mr. Trump for his leadership on the issue.

“You’re doing a Great job, along with the item’s not an easy job,” Mr. Trump told Ms. Nielsen.

He alluded to a recent push by his administration of which parents be separated via their children when families cross illegally into the United States, yet blamed Democrats — many of whom have vehemently opposed the practice — for the brand new policy.

“I know what you’re going through right today with families is actually very tough, yet those are the bad laws of which the Democrats gave us,” Mr. Trump said. “We have to break up families. The Democrats gave us of which law.”

The president also took aim at Mexico as unhelpful on immigration.

“Mexico does nothing for us,” Mr. Trump said. “Mexico talks, yet they do nothing for us, especially at the border. Certainly don’t help us much on trade, yet especially at the border, they do nothing for us.”