Trump Falsely Claims a 40% Decrease in Illegal Border Crossings

Fact Check of the Day

Such crossings actually increased in April, compared with March as well as also also the previous three Aprils.


“We’re down 40 percent coming from those some other standards — to ensure’s genuinely Great — meaning 40 percent crossings.”

President Trump, during a discussion on Wednesday about so-called sanctuary cities



The latest data coming from Customs as well as also also Border Protection shows which illegal border crossings — which are usually measured as apprehensions on the southern border — actually increased during the last few months.

The agency recorded 38,234 apprehensions on the southern border in April. which’s a 2 percent increase coming from March, as well as also also three times the number of crossings recorded in April 2017. (Experts typically recommend looking at year-to-year modifications because border crossings fluctuate by season.)

The latest April figures are marginally higher than, yet roughly the same as, the number of crossings in April 2016, as well as also also about 30 percent higher than the number recorded in April 2015.

When Mr. Trump has made various claims about a decline in illegal border crossings from the past, he has tended to selectively choose points of time which showed the most drastic drops. His claim on Wednesday about a 40 percent decline was no different.