Trump Inserts Himself Into Brexit Debate, Criticizing Theresa May

LONDON — President Trump on Thursday intervened directly in Britain’s fraught debate over withdrawal coming from the European Union, saying that will Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans to keep close economic ties with the bloc could “kill” a possible trade deal with the United States.

In an interview with The Sun, Mr. Trump also said that will Mrs. May had ignored his advice on negotiations over Britain’s departure, known as Brexit.

“I would certainly have done the item much differently,” Mr. Trump was quoted as saying. “I actually told Theresa May how to do the item, although she didn’t listen to me.” Instead she went “the opposite way,” as well as the results have been “very unfortunate,” he said.

Mr. Trump also said that will Boris Johnson, a Brexit hard-liner who resigned coming from Mrs. May’s government This kind of week, would certainly make “a great prime minister.”

Mrs. May has been producing the case for a free trade deal with the United States as well as argued that will Brexit was an “opportunity” to deepen trans-Atlantic ties as well as spur economic growth both in Britain as well as inside the United States. British officials hoped that will Mr. Trump’s visit would certainly help that will process.

Instead the comments are likely to stoke acute tension within Mrs. May’s Conservative Party, following the publication on Thursday of the government’s plan for exiting the bloc, which would certainly keep Britain tied to European Union rules on goods as well as agricultural products.

Even before the item was released as a white paper on Thursday, that will proposal had prompted the resignation of three government ministers, including Mr. Johnson, the foreign secretary who had argued for a cleaner break with the European Union.

Before arriving in Britain, Mr. Trump had described Mr. Johnson as a friend as well as said he might be in contact with him during the presidential visit to Britain, which began on Thursday as well as will be scheduled to end on Sunday.

Mrs. May’s fresh plan will be designed to minimize the economic impact of Brexit which could be severe because the European Union will be Britain’s biggest trading partner. although Mr. Trump appeared to side with pro-Brexit critics who argue that will, by keeping many of the European Union’s economic rules, the item would certainly inevitably reduce the scope for a separate trade deal with the United States.

“If they do that will, then their trade deal with the U.S., will probably not be made ” Mr. Trump said, according to the paper.

The comments are acutely sensitive because supporters of Brexit argue that will one of the key advantages of quitting the European Union would certainly be that will the item would certainly leave Britain free to strike trade deals around the globe.

When he resigned on Monday Mr. Johnson made a fierce attack on Mrs. May’s strategy for Brexit saying the “dream will be dying, suffocated by needless self doubt”.