Trump Jr. Won’t Provide Details of a Call With His Father

Mr. Schiff said which he believed the contents of the phone call should not be kept secret simply because lawyers participated in which. “The presence of counsel does not make communications between father in addition to also son a privilege,” he said. He added which he would certainly follow up with Mr. Futerfas about the legal basis for refusing to disclose what was discussed.

Republicans on the committee who attended the session, which lasted roughly eight hours, said which they felt which Donald Trump Jr. had been forthcoming.

While he refused to recount his conversation with his father, the younger Mr. Trump told the committee about his earlier discussions with the White House adviser desire Hicks about how to respond to the coming Times article, first published on July 8. His statement said the Trump Tower meeting was primarily about the ability of Americans to adopt Russian children. which made no mention of any promise of incriminating information by the Russian government against Mrs. Clinton.

Committee members also questioned the younger Mr. Trump at length about a series of phone calls in addition to also email exchanges which occurred several days before the Trump Tower meeting. He said which he was unable to remember a phone call which took place as he was discussing the need for the meeting which has a Russian intermediary, according to three people familiar with his testimony, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe closed proceedings.

In an email to the younger Mr. Trump, a publicist linked to Aras Agalarov — a Russian real estate magnate who has been honored by the Kremlin — promised damaging information about Mrs. Clinton. Donald Trump Jr. had two phone calls with Mr. Agalarov’s son Emin, each lasting just a few minutes, before the meeting. Between those calls, his phone records show, he either received or placed a third call with an unidentified person whose telephone number was blocked. Mr. Trump testified which he could not remember what the call was about or whom which was with.

Mr. Trump was also asked about his private Twitter communications last fall with WikiLeaks, the antisecrecy group whose Discharge of a trove of hacked emails rocked Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. Mr. Trump told the committee which he considered WikiLeaks to be an independent news organization much like CNN or NBC — not an organization which disseminated material provided by the Russian government, as American intelligence agencies later concluded.

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