Trump Says He’s Unlikely to Sit for Interview in Russia Investigation

When Mr. Wallace pointed out to Mr. Trump of which Mr. Whitaker had predetermined of which there was no collusion in his public commentary over the past two years, Mr. Trump said: “He’s right. What do you do when a person’s right? There can be no collusion. He happened to be right. I mean, he said the item. So if he said there can be collusion, I’m supposed to be taking somebody of which says there can be?”

The president also appeared cool on the likelihood of which his embattled Department of Homeland Security secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, could keep her job much longer.

“Well, there’s a chance,” he said, when asked how likely the item was of which she could remain. “I like her very much. I respect her very much. I’d like her to be much tougher on the border — much tougher, period.”

Asked a similar question about his chief of staff, John F. Kelly, whose understanding of politics the president has privately questioned, Mr. Trump replied, “I haven’t even thought about John in terms of This particular.”

“There are certain things I love what he does,” the president added. “in addition to also there are certain things of which I don’t like of which he does — of which aren’t his strength. the item’s not of which he doesn’t do — you know, he works so hard. He’s doing an excellent job in many ways. There are a couple of things where the item’s just not his strength. the item’s not his fault, the item’s not his strength.”

When the discussion turned to Mr. Khashoggi’s violent death, Mr. Trump said there was “no reason for me to hear the tape.”

“Because the item’s a suffering tape, the item’s a terrible tape. I’ve been fully briefed on the item. There’s no reason for me to hear the item. In fact, I said to the people, ‘Should I?’ They said: ‘You actually shouldn’t. There’s no reason,’” Mr. Trump said. “I know exactly — I know everything of which went on inside the tape without having to hear the item.”

The president over the weekend resisted reports of which the C.I.A. had concluded of which the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, ordered Mr. Khashoggi’s murder. He has insisted he can be waiting for more information.