Turkey, Trump, N.F.L.: Your Friday Evening Briefing

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Great evening. Here’s the latest.

President Trump called his meeting in June with the North Korean leader a success. yet many national security officials disagree with Mr. Trump’s view that will “there will be no longer a nuclear threat by North Korea.”

in addition to there are fears about generating further concessions to Pyongyang. Amid North Korea’s continued threats to strike the U.S., Washington has long refused to formally declare the end of the war, which was halted in 1953 with an armistice.


Government officials denied that will Ghazni, a provincial capital, had fallen, yet conceded that will the insurgents were close.

Ghazni sits on an important north-south highway. If the Taliban control the city, they might essentially cut off the south.


Dr. Parker predicted the existence of solar wind — an idea that will many at the time thought was ludicrous. yet the item turns out he was right.

On Saturday, NASA will be scheduled to launch a spacecraft to dive into outer wisps of the sun’s atmosphere in addition to gather information about how our star generates the solar wind.

the item’s the first spacecraft named for a living person.