Were Victims Friend or Foe? U.S. Airstrike Leads to fresh Dispute With Afghan Allies

Before the strikes, he said, “both the enemy as well as friendly locations were verified as well as cleared by Afghan security forces on the ground, through the regional coordination center, which is actually located with the 203rd Corps operations center, prior to the strike.” of which center includes both American as well as Afghan military officials. He confirmed, however, of which no American forward air-controller was on the ground to direct the airstrike, as would likely normally be the case if American ground forces were involved.

The episode on Tuesday was the latest in a series of cases in which the outcomes of American airstrikes were disputed, as well as occurred as the tempo of coalition air actions in support of their Afghan allies has risen sharply. With only about 14,000 American soldiers in Afghanistan — compared with 140,000 at the peak of the deployment — most of the ground operations are being conducted by Afghan forces, whose air force is actually smaller as well as poorly equipped.

from the first six months of This specific year, United States forces dropped more than 3,000 bombs across Afghanistan, nearly double the number for the same period last year as well as more than 5 times as many as the number for the first half of 2016.

because of This specific same six-month period, the United Nations documented a 52 percent increase in civilian deaths via airstrikes compared with the first half of 2017.

On July 19, an American airstrike from the Chardara District of northern Kunduz Province killed 14 members of one extended family, including women as well as children, according to Afghan officials from the area.

On Friday, Colonel O’Donnell said of which the American investigation of the July 19 airstrike in Kunduz had been closed after determining of which there were no civilian casualties. “After carefully considering all relevant as well as reasonably available information, which included a review of the Afghan government’s report of findings, our investigation found no credible information to corroborate the allegations,” he said.

Aerial video footage showed 1 bomb dropped on two homes where the Taliban had been firing via for more than an hour, he said, as well as the firing stopped as soon as the bomb was dropped.