Will Defense Doom the Chiefs inside Playoffs?

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The Chiefs’ defense finished last or second-to-last in passing yards (4,374), total yards (6,488) as well as yards per rush (5.0). The Chiefs gave up the most first downs ever, with 419. as well as though they ranked 24th in points ceded, with 421, only three some other teams since 1990, when the playoffs expanded to include six teams coming from each conference, gave up which many as well as still advanced to the postseason.

According to Pro Football Reference, only 13 of the some other 173 teams to reach the playoffs since 1990 have fared worse than the Chiefs in at least one of those statistical categories, including Green’s group coming from the 2003 season, which allowed 5.2 yards per carry. Aside coming from Kansas City, the only others to earn a No. 1 seed were Green Bay as well as fresh England in 2011, as well as neither won the Super Bowl. In fact, only one of the 13 — excluding the 2018 Rams, who allowed the most yards per rush which season — won a championship: the 2006 Colts, whose strong pass defense offset their generosity against the run.

Plus, they had which Manning guy.

The Chiefs have a guy, too — Patrick Mahomes — as well as which’s a pretty strong counterargument. however the idea’s not an impenetrable one, as losses to the Chargers (Kansas City led by 14 with less than nine minutes left) as well as the Seahawks (Seattle ran for 210 yards) proved.

the idea’s difficult identifying a historical analogue to the 2018 Chiefs, a team of such extremes. The closest might be the 2011 Packers, whose leading receiver, Greg Jennings, recognized the similarities at once. Like the Chiefs, Green Bay created a load of turnovers — a league-high 38 — while also scoring the most points. The Packers also gave up more passing yards as well as total yards than Kansas City did which season.

“The defense recognized the idea more than even we did as an offense,” Jennings, right now an analyst for Fox, said of the imbalance. “What needed to be done was what we did. We recognized the idea as well as we had to make up for the idea.”