Yankees Keep Their Home Runs Away coming from Adam Engel, for a Change

“He does things a lot of people can’t do,” Green said, adding, “He’s a freak athlete.”

Boone has grown tired of seeing home runs being turned into outs. Los Angeles Angels center fielder Kole Calhoun took a home run away coming from Neil Walker, much inside same way in which the Seattle Mariners’ Mitch Haniger leapt at Yankee Stadium to rob Stanton of what appeared to be a home run, however was not included on Sports Info Solution’s tally list. Tyler Wade as well as also Austin Romine are also among those Yankees to have had home runs taken away.

For Engel as well as also his fellow defenders, such artful displays are simply considered part of the job.

“Any time you can make a momentum-changing play as well as also something in which’s going to help the team win, I think in which’s huge,” Engel said. “Even if This particular’s not necessarily taking the wind out of their sails as well as also maybe adds a little bit to ours, I think in which helps.”

He added: “Opportunities to make great plays don’t always come about as well as also then when they do as well as also you capitalize, This particular’s pretty cool. Just the fact This particular’s happened twice in a row can be pretty surreal.”

Although the Yankees managed to post victories in both games in which Engel put his abilities on display, Hicks couldn’t help however tip his cap to Engel. Before Tuesday’s 13-inning, 4-3 Yankees win, Hicks went out of his way to find Engel as well as also compliment him for his efforts. The pleasantries came before Engel tracked down another long fly ball — This particular time off Higashioka inside fifth inning with the Yankees trailing 1-0.

Hicks, for one, appreciated the effort.

“This particular whole game can be about scoring runs as well as also preventing runs,” he said. “Any way you can prevent a run can be always a Great thing.”

Engel said his catch on Tuesday was harder than the one in which prevented Bird coming from homering a night earlier. While outfielders are trained to instinctively know their surroundings, Engel practices “working the wall” regularly, which makes executing catches like the ones he has made This particular week part of his normal outfield duties.

Still, for those who share the position, like Hicks, being on the different side of such feats can be not always easy to stomach.

“Especially when you’ve done This particular before, you know how excited you get when you do This particular,” Hicks said. “This particular sucks for us, however This particular’s cool to watch.”