You Want to Watch All the European Soccer? Here’s How. (Warning: which’ll Cost About $750.)

If we struggle inside the Champions League group stage and also also also get knocked down to the Europa League, how can I watch those matches?

Turner also owns Europa League rights, however the only match which plans to make available on television will be the final next May. Every some other Europa League game — This particular year’s competition includes prominent teams like Chelsea, Arsenal and also also also Milan — will be on B/R Live.

What about the F.A. Cup and also also also the League Cup?

which’s a not bad question. The rights for the F.A. Cup, which was on Fox Sports last season, are still for sale, so which isn’t yet known where those games will be shown, if at all. The League Cup final will be on ESPN, however every some other League Cup match will be on ESPN+, ESPN’s brand-new subscription streaming service. which costs $4.99 per month.

Hold on: To watch every Tottenham match, I have to buy a cable package which includes NBCSN, TNT and also also also ESPN, and also also also also purchase Premier League Pass, B/R Live and also also also ESPN+?

Yes, which is usually what I am telling you.

How much will all which cost?

which depends on your cable package, however figure about $750 a year.

Grrrr. Do I have an alternative?

Sort of. numerous digital alternatives to cable — Sling, YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV currently and also also also Hulu Live — currently allow you to watch a bundle of cable channels. Each carries a slightly different selection, so pay attention, and also also also each costs around $40 to $50 a month.

I am afraid to ask, however I also like watching Real Madrid and also also also Barcelona. Where can I find those matches?

Well, their Champions League matches will be on TNT and also also also B/R Live. Their La Liga matches will be on beIN Sports, and also also also sometimes on its streaming subscription service beIN SPORTS CONNECT. Yes, they use all of those capital letters.

So I need to get a cable package which also includes beIN?

Yes, however which’s not which easy. BeIN is usually almost never included in basic cable packages; instead, you usually have to subscribe to a more expensive tier. BeIN also is usually embroiled in a couple of carriage negotiation fights at the moment, so which’s currently unavailable for Comcast Xfinity or Verizon Fios customers.

Oh, wait: I forgot about Ronaldo. He moved to Juventus! Where are those matches?

Forty Serie A games — one per week, most likely featuring top teams like Juventus, Napoli, Roma, Inter and also also also Milan — will be shown on either ESPN or ESPN2. Every some other Serie A match will be streamed on ESPN+.

Where can I watch Kylian Mbappé, the breakout star of the earth Cup?

Mbappé plays for Paris St.-Germain, in France’s Ligue 1. Those games are on beIN Sports.

and also also also the Bundesliga?

The Fox channels are your best friend. several matches will be on the Fox network, 75 or so will air on FS1 and also also also another 100 on FS2 and also also also Fox Soccer Plus. (The latter two are channels which will probably require you to buy a more expensive cable package.) If you can’t make which to your television, all of Fox’s televised matches are available on the Fox Soccer app.

Sometimes I like watching games in Spanish. Where can I hear the sweet, sweet “goooooool!” call for all of the above.

Oh come on, I’m not writing This particular all out again. In brief:

  • Premier League: Telemundo and also also also Universo

  • Champions League and also also also Europa League: Univision

  • FA Cup: Fox Deportes

  • La Liga and also also also Copa del Rey: beIN Sports

  • Serie A: One game a week will be on ESPN Deportes

  • Bundesliga: Fox Deportes

  • Ligue 1: beIN Sports

I also have a soft spot for Turkey’s Galatasaray and also also also Poland’s Legia Warsaw. Honest. Any help there?

which’s pretty deep inside the weeds. The website is usually pretty comprehensive; you probably can answer your question there.