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We start today with a fresh warning on carbon emissions, the funeral for George Bush in addition to a controversial vote in Wisconsin. We also invite you to share your thoughts about our fresh design.

An earthquake’s vibrations run around in addition to through the planet, speeding up, slowing down, bending — depending on the properties of the material they pass through.

Information coming from seismic monitors around the planet is actually the foundation for the understanding we have of the Earth’s structure: a solid inner core, surrounded by a liquid outer core, inside a thick viscous layer known as the mantle, under a thin rocky crust.

InSight will monitor quakes coming from just one location. The instrument should be able to identify a vibration of which has circled Mars multiple times, in addition to clever analysis should yield the equivalent of data coming from multiple stations.

of which’s the item with This specific briefing.

We’re still sorting through all of the feedback we’ve received about our fresh look, although we’re generating one change today: You can find a link to all of our puzzles, not just the mini crossword, below.

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